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The Unguided Light of Atticus Finch
Twentieth-century Southern America was a land of judgment and inequality due to racial discrimination and sexism at the time. These ideals enveloped the South in a veil of shadows, creating a regime of injustice and juxtaposition between southern society and those opposing their beliefs.. Among the shadows however, were citizens that acted as light in the dark but eventually burned out because of their inability to focus their ideals onto others. This wayward light was no more prevalent than in Atticus Finch, Harper Lee’s protagonist in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Taking place in Maycomb, Alabama, the story followed Atticus Finch and his efforts to defend an innocent black man accused of rape while providing strong life lessons for his children, Scout and Jem. Atticus however, was not the man he was believed to be. Although Atticus Finch was equipped with the morals and values to be the lighthouse of virtues for Maycomb, he ultimately succumbed to society and became nothing more than a flicker in the dark.
The thought that Atticus Finch is a hero is a belief that has been stretched across time since Harper Lee published the text in 1960. Over the years, readers have been drawn to respect Atticus because of his strong morals and values and his will to preserve a peaceful life for his children in Maycomb. One of those readers and followers of Atticus, Carolyn Jones, writes about the courage and heroism of Atticus in her piece, “Atticus…

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