The 's Leadership And Intercultural Transformation Essay

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Daxin Wei now is a government officer in one of the poorest villages in Zhengjiang province, China. When he was 18 years old, he became a solider after he failed in National College Entrance Test. After four years military life, he was transferred to a government own planning institution and became an officer. He had been working there for more than 30 years. Last year, he became one volunteer of an annual provincial government project. He started to work in one of the poorest villages as a government officer. He is my father. He doesn’t have any fabulous education and working background, but his attitudes and stories vividly remind me of how an authentic servant leader can possibly emerged.
The Parallel of Emerging Leadership and Intercultural Transformation
Wei’s leadership perspective is changing while his intercultural competence is emerging. After serving in the military, Wei studied in a community college to get his BA in politics. However, in the institution, the majority population are engineers and architects, so it was very difficult for him to be promoted. He worked mostly in a domestic department which supports all sorts of facilities’ needs of the entire institution. He mentioned: “because of my military background, I was always a very organized and strict person. So I would require everything and everyone to meet my standards and insisted to help them if they can’t.” He admitted that people complained about him to be too details and procedures-oriented.…

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