The 's Inferno By Dante Alighieri : Condemnation Of Actions And Behaviors

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In every functioning society, there exists a set of societal values and ethics that the majority will adhere to. However, these set of values often differ in different eras, locations, and cultures. In the epic poem, Dante’s Inferno written by Dante Alighieri, there are glaring examples of the condemnation of actions and behaviors that would be perceived as socially acceptable today, as well as instances of behaviors that may have been met with some disdain and disapproval during the 1300s, but are stigmatized and shunned even further today. For example, it’s clear that in the era this epic poem was written in, behaviors such as homosexuality and suicide were perceived as taboo, and therefore were placed in the lower circles of hell. While opposition and apathy to these behaviors is very much present today, our society has become much more welcoming of different sexualities, and victims of depression or even suicide are met with much more sympathy and compassion. Furthermore, sins such as gluttony and avariciousness may have been placed in the upper circles of hell, however, today, the stigma associated with excessive eating and greed appears to have only grown since. As time progresses, society’s morals tend to shift and bend in different directions, and when Dante’s Inferno is looked at from a more modern perspective, it becomes easy to contrast archaic societal values with the ones present today. While our present society may be capable of exhibiting more sympathy for…

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