The 's House : The Problem Of Conflict And The Lack Of Supporting One Other

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There are pros and cons to many solutions and ideas in life. None I see more than divorce in their society. People get a divorce for numerous of reason. In the controversial story Doll’s House. A woman named, Nora Helmer who was giving a large quantity of money so that her spouse could recover from a grim sickness. She by no means told him of this loan and behind his back been repaying it back in small payments by saving up her pocket money. What he fines out is not please but in the end, she is tired of him and how he treats her and walks away from him. I never hear of such a thing like this before. In the 1920’s a woman leaves her husband and does look back. By society standards, this is dean as unethical back in those times. Which brings up my next point why divorce happens. What comes to mind is conflict and the lack of supporting one other. Conflict is normal throughout a divorce in a minority of the circumstances the conflict never seems to end. A high-conflict divorce is defined as a divorce process that lasts longer than two years, which is characterized by a high degree of anger, hostility, and disbelief, serious custody court case, ongoing struggles in communicating about the care of their children, and higher than usual rates of nonpayment of child support (Haddad 244). In seventy-five to eighty percent of divorces, the people are able to translation though altering feelings, and find some kind of normality within two to three years (Haddad 243). These…

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