The 's House - Original Writing Essay

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In a small quaint village lives a fairy who’s name is Freya. Freya lives in a large tall oak tree where she has her cozy house. In her house she has her kitchen, living room, dining room and a small staircase that leads upstairs to her small bedroom and bathroom. Freya’s house is made from some of the old sappy wood from the oak tree which she lives on.

When Freya first moved to the small village she was glad to know that the weather was nice and warm. And that when she passed the bakery for the first time she could smell all of the sweet goods being baked and being pulled out of the warm and hot oven. If you were to look up at the tall oak tree that is right above the village you will find Freya 's house. Looking through the kitchen window you could see Freya baking and cooking away with her favorite apron that she can’t bake or cook with out. When you first come into her house you can smell something sweet and savory and you might try and guess what it is. Well it is one of Freya’s favorite breads called sweet bread. When you first bite into this warm and savory bread you feel warm and soft inside.

Freya loves to bake for her friends who come and visit her every so often. One of Freya’s best friends is Lucy who is also like a sister Freya has never had. Lucy also lives in the tall oak tree where the sun shines through the branches that like look like silk coming down from the bright and warm sky. So by now you pretty much know who Freya and Lucy are and where they…

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