Essay on The 's Hospital Room Was Full Of Quiet Chatter

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Becca’s hospital room was full of quiet chatter when Dr. Walberg entered the room. “How come no one invited me to the party?” he joked.
The room filled with smiles and laughter as the doctor approached Becca’s bedside. “I thought I would stop in and see how you’re feeling,” he said. “Any headaches today?”
“For a few hours,” Becca said, silencing the room. “But it’s better now.”
“Good! The steroid is working properly. Any nausea?”
Becca nodded. “Earlier with the headache, but it’s getting better.”
“I take it you weren’t able to eat anything,” he said, glancing at her abandoned dinner.
“Could you now?”
“I could try.”
“I’ll have the nurse bring you up another tray,” Dr. Walberg told her before turning to look at Mr. Cooper. “I want to sit down in my office with you and Becca in the morning to go over the surgical procedure. I met with my colleagues earlier this afternoon, and we were able to determine the safest and most successful path for the resection. After that we’ll do a pre-op blood draw and if the swelling is down, I would like to do the surgery the following morning.”
With a sigh, Ashley leaned her head onto Becca’s shoulder.
Mr. Cooper was long since standing. “Ok!” he said, slapping his hands together.
“Friday is actually my lucky day,” Becca teased, leaning her head against Ashley’s.
A nurse poked her head in the door, and Dr. Walberg excused himself. The Davenports were next to leave. When Becca’s second chance at dinner arrived, Mr. Cooper, Gloria and…

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