The 's Flight Behavior, By Barbara Kingsolver Essay

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In Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior, Kingsolver tackles the issues of climate change with change in migration pattern of monarch butterflies, which leads to these butterflies to land in a small town in rural Tennessee. Dellarobbia Turnbow, a 28-year-old struggling mom-of-2 living in this small town was on a hike to the top of the mountain to have an affair with a telephone repairman. Half way up the mountain she sees a miraculous display of nature in front of her, but little did she realize that there were millions of Monarch butterflies in front of her which would bring out certain people’s perspectives on these Monarch butterflies. One character that gives his perspective on these butterflies is Leighton Atkins, an environmental activist who flies around the country giving people information about his sustainability. Even though his ideas for this sustainability pledges had good intentions to help the ecosystem and the environment, his ideas come from a high social class perspective which doesn’t help in a deprived community. The strengths are his ideas in the sustainability pledge and the weakness are his pledges being unsuitable for the community he is in. In this book, Kingsolver tackles many different controversial topics and ideas with the butterflies building residency in this small town in Tennessee. Due to the butterflies, the community was in all disarray with many different factors like climate change and social media beginning to arise. Many different…

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