Essay about The 's Evolutionary Perspective : Donald J. Trump

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Donald J. Trump is a self proclaimed billionaire and a business man. The nation was shocked last year when he decided to run for president. Most believed he would never make it far in the primaries but, once again stunned Americans and even the world, when he beat all fellow republicans to go on and face Hillary Clinton for the presidency. Though he did not have majority in the popular votes, Trump still managed to beat Clinton in the electoral votes to win the election. This surprising victory can be explained by evolutionary and gender role ideologies. According to the evolutionary perspective, human beings are preconditioned to trust a strong, independent man when it comes to leadership roles, and according to gender roles, implemented by society, men possess the characteristics necessary to succeed during times of crisis.
Darwin’s evolutionary perspective allows us to understand how the human mind works when it comes to the existing pressures to propagate one’s genes and survive. It shows how certain behaviors, such as reproductive strategies are different between men and women. The way each each sex ensures their genes are passed on affects these reproductive strategies. Women are more discerning when choosing a partner, seeking someone with high-status who can care for and protect their children. This is different for men, who tend to have more than one reproductive strategy. They can have a short-term strategy and seek out as may partners as they want, while ensuring…

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