The 's Defense Attorney : Addressing Battered Women Syndrome Essays

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For this assignment I will be taking the position of Lucy’s defense attorney. Addressing battered women syndrome. I feel that battered women syndrome is often times overlooked. The statistics of domestic violence and battered women syndrome are mind-blowing. 1 and 4 women has experienced domestic violence during her lifetime. And it’s not just women it includes men as well. Every day in the United States, more than three women and one man are murdered by their intimate partners on average. ("Battered Woman Syndrome." Battered Woman Syndrome. Web. 14 Nov. 2015.) In battered women syndrome the victim either refuses to cooperate or becomes violent when being questioned about the incident. It’s truly hard to understand why an abused spouse would want to remain in the abusive relationship. The effects of battered women syndrome include, feeling helpless to stop the abuse, accepting the blame for the abuse, hyperarousal (which is often a sign of PTSD), and high levels of anxiety. The three strongest cases for BWS are, Hawthorne v. State of Florida (1983). The defendant shot and killed her husband she was first convicted of first degree murder but appealed. On the appeal the court reversed the conviction. (A very similar case) New Jersey v. Kelly (1983) and the Barbra Sheehan case. Sheehan re-accounted how she had been abused by her husband who was a police sergeant during their marriage of 24 years. The day prior to the killing the couple had an intense argument and Barbra…

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