The Youth Of Latin America Essay

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Youth Crime in Latin America
I. Introduction:
A. Thesis Statement: Although youth crime is a problem that Latin America countries have had for years, the causes of these do not only relate only to the government but also to the family and the society.
B. Support 1: The absence of strong family ties that teach teenagers good values can affect their future and make them more vulnerable to youth crime.
C. Support 2: The gender and the relations that young people made can affect their perception of life and can determinate the pathway they take.
D. Support 3: The lack of economic opportunities can affect the education young people received and the condition of the community in which they grow up.
II. First Paragraph: Family
A. Topic Sentence: The family relations that young people have could be decisive in the choices they made.
B. Support 1: Children that live in abusive homes tend to be involved in criminal acts and gangs.
1. Children, who have witnessed violence in their families or some other manifestation of antisocial behavior, have a higher tendency to be involved in criminal activities. (Herrenkohl, Maguin, Hill, Hawkins, Abbott and Catalano, 1999, p. 177)
C. Support 2: Parent that does not have time to spend with their children do not teach them good values and do not have strong relationships could affect their behaviour in the future and can lead to confusion in children when making decisions.
1. “Young people who feel a connection with their parents stay in…

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