The Youth Education Advocate For Refugees Essay

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Home for me is the small, picturesque city of Victoria, British Columbia. Growing up, my relative liberty and affluence were largely unapparent to me. My concepts of inequality and injustice informed by trivial unfairness such as when my twin sister received the larger slice of cake. Despite my comfortable upbringing, I possessed, from very early on, a strong curiosity and eagerness to understand the people and the world around me. This happened at first through language, later through travel, and today in my current work as a youth education advocate for refugees.
From childhood I evolved from an exclusive twin talker, to an English-speaking chatterbox, to a fluent French speaker and dabbler in Spanish, Latin, and Bulgarian. As an undergraduate majoring in French and Linguistics, I was thrilled to explore the bilingual nature of my Canadian identity and to be able to engage with an increasing number of people globally. Throughout my studies, I worked with international ESL students, further nourishing my cultural and linguistic curiosities, as well as the nascent teacher in me, who was to mature further as I took on roles as a private French tutor and university tutorial instructor. Additional time spent volunteering at a local immigrant and refugee centre allowed me to better comprehend the depths of diversity and adversity, justice and injustice, in my own community and the world. These experiences, compounded by my natural curiosity, inspired me to undertake more global…

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