Essay on The Youth Criminal Justice Act

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Throughout life, people will face different experiences that will influence the way a person will live their life. “Sleepers”, is a film about four young boys, and their horrible experiences that affecting them the remaining days of their lives. The boys decided to prank a hotdog vendor which resulted in injuring a man and damaging the hotdog cart which led to committing criminal negligence causing bodily harm, and theft over 5000. In prison they faced a great deal of abuse, which only negatively impacted them. This film sufficiently shows how particular concepts of recognition and learning puts a sense into every individual about circumstances that they face when mischief turns into a dreadful tragedy. This paper is meant to compare and highlighting similarities and differences about The Youth Criminal Justice Act, The Juvenile Delinquency Act and The Young Offenders Act and lastly Restorative and Retributive Justice.
The Youth Criminal Justice Act is only applicable to youths between the age of 12 and 18 who have allegedly committed a crime. This act establishes a separate system for criminal justice that is different from the criminal code. This act puts emphasis on reintegration and rehabilitation, fair accountability and protection. Under this act, youths are given a chance to participate in the process of decision-making before persecution. The victims are also allowed to contribute in the proceedings while parents are expected to support them when addressing their…

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