The Youth Criminal Justice Act Essay

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The Youth Criminal Justice Act Yes I believe that The Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) is effective. This act was recently created in 2003 and serves the purpose of protecting and fairly treating young offenders. It allows them to be tried in a youth court as opposed to an adult one, protects their identities, provides lighter sentences and creates more rehabilitating programs. This act rehabilitates in a positive and nurturing environment, allowing the offender to reach their full potential which has positive long-term effects. I think rehabilitation is key as I believe all humans are born good and from that point on various factors (such as environment, peers etc.) affect whether or not an individual chooses to continue thriving to do good or if they fall into the dark alleyway that is crime. Rehabilitating programs allow people to face past or current challenges that may have been the key pushing factor to committing the crime. It provides a safe and positive environment to get to know oneself better and get to the root motive of a crime and only from there can a person truly be healed and chose to turn their lives around. This is especially important when it comes to youth as during adolescence the brain is undergoing extreme developments which can cause them to feel lost, rebellious and overly emotional. As the author of Inside the Teenage Brain,Sheryl Feinstien explains “in the heat of the moment, their…

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