The Young Girls And Women Essay

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Throughout our lives we are constantly exposed to our societies strict beauty standards. From a young age we socialize girls that their worth is based off their physical appearance and their ability to attract a man. In order to help dictate that this system stays in place, our society has come up with traits that are deemed masculine or feminine.Women are typically supposed to be submissive, empathetic, beautiful and kind; men on the other hand are expected to be dominant, assertive, intelligent, and strong. When people break these out of the roles society has placed them in they are seen and treated negatively. It is one of the ways we force people into what is believed to be their proper place. This leads many young girls and women to prioritize their physical beauty and other traits that are considered to be more feminine. These girls wish to maintain these feminine qualities and avoid the more masculine to assure that they will not scare off a potential husband. Many feminist writers have found issues with this system and take to their writing to critique their society. The books that we have read this semester all challenge the toxic effect of traditional gender roles such as, placing the utmost importance on marriage and teaching young girls that their looks are their most important trait.
Some of these books argue that society ensures that young girls know that the most important thing that they can do with their lives is make sure that they are desirable. In A…

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