The Young Boys : A Subculture Emerged After World War II Essay

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Teddy boys which is a subculture emerged after World War II because of class structure can be an example. Since the mid-1950s Britain has witnessed the emergence of various youth subcultures. The earliest of these youth cults to appear, in 1954 in certain working-class districts of London, were the so-called Teddy Boys. They were proud of belonging to the English working class. These first teenagers were visible not only on account of their outrageous ‘Edwardian’ costumes but also their delinquent and sometimes violent behaviour. (Robert J. 1998, P.263) In the 1950s in particular, Teds were branded in the media as public enemy number one, responsible (it was claimed) for gang fights, violence and anti-social behaviour generally. (Richard 2011) Working class youth tried to show resistance to the middle class. And that led to the subculture – Teddy boys emerge in the society.

In addition, the increase in leisure time facilitates the emergence of subculture. In the past, the education was not universalized. Many children did not have an opportunity to study at schools. The children would be asked to go working at early age. They did fishing, farming or trading. There was not much time between their childhood and adulthood, they all bared adult’s responsibility and acted like adult when they were still children. However, after World War II, the world underwent modernization. There was focus on human rights. The children labor laws were established. (Haenfler, 2013, P. 29)…

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