The Yoruba Culture As Practiced By African Americans Essay

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This paper is an exploration into why communities of people would seek spiritual or religious guidance in their lives. Using experiences from the city of New York, I will be visiting people in their homes and viewing their practice, taking into account what is done, who was there, how they dressed and how they behaved. The process of creating this paper will take up to 3 weeks. I will go to the event of my choosing, record each item, device, taboo, or common trait that I see, and relay my experience and methods.
My focus will be looking at the Yoruba culture as practiced by African-Americans. It is a belief system like shamanism in which the practitioners believed each and everything in life was an “Orisha” an aspect of god. I was familiar with some of this culture but I wasn’t sure who in my family or in their friends were practitioners of this. I needn’t get rapport with them for I had already known them since I was a child. Because of the family connection, I was allowed to join in their rituals and watch as they worked. The event in question took place a few days ago on one of the holy days in the culture. The event usually takes 10-20 minutes of time but I was also to get a few interviews with the priests, make notes of the surroundings and any other factors I deemed important. My questions mainly ranged on the reason why they did different things or positioned certain altars in different areas and what they meant. Not having a very long amount of time to gather…

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