The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… (Gilman) The protagonist’s rapid mental deterioration likely occurred as a result of her husband’s “treatment”. By locking her up in a dreary bedroom and forbidding her from any activities, he thinks that he will cure her illness by giving her mind a break when in reality he is accelerating her downward spiral into madness. The confines of the room and the absence of stimuli drive the protagonist to the point of insanity. The protagonist’s tortured mind is illustrated through the interaction between her and the yellow wallpaper on the walls of her bedroom. Her changing interpretations of what the wallpaper holds within it allow the reader to clearly see the alarming changes occurring within the protagonist’s mind. At first, she merely views the paper as revolting and unpleasing to the eye. Later, however, her state of insanity is illustrated by the fact that she believes that there are people living in the wallpaper and proceeds to tear the paper off of the walls to free them. The protagonist’s mental decline serves to illustrate the results of the aforementioned inferior treatment of women by their male counterparts. As one critic argues, “‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ [is] a story of female confinement and escape.” (Korb) The aspect of confinement is …show more content…
Women were viewed as being frail, weak, and in constant need of a man to help her do even the most basic tasks. This resulted in devastating effects on the female psyche, including debasement of character and even catastrophic mental illness. Literature written by the women of the aforementioned time period conveys the isolation, humiliation, and agony experienced by the females of that time. The short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper”, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, serves as an excellent example of such a piece of literature. Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” illustrates subordinate standing of the female role in the 19th century and how such social conditions can have a devastating effects impact on the human mind. (Wilson)

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