The Yellow Wall Paper By Charlotte Perkins

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Charlotte Perkins story “The Yellow Wall-Paper” is set in the summer where John and his wife rent a colonial mansion out in the country side miles ways from the town. This mansion gives the appearance of a haunted house since it is isolated and is an older style home. John and his wife will face many issues while staying in the mansion such as, dealing with depression, seeing things, and being obsessed with the room. John’s wife is currently trying to recuperate and is forbidden to lift a finger, or even to take care of a child since she is recovering from some sort of a nervous depression.
John’s wife sets the tone early in the story, because she has been told by her doctor and her husband John who is also a physician that she is not to do any type of work but to rest and recover. John’s wife said “Personally, I disagree with their ideas. Personally, I believe that congenial work, with excitement and change, would do me good” (Page684, Paragraph 3). In modern day, this woman could have been suffering from some type of mental disorder or even post-partum depression because a child is mentioned in the story, unless she has an imaginative son. Despite what the doctors tell her, about no work, the woman ignores the doctor’s orders and in secret writes her activities in her diary. John’s wife wanted to stay down stairs because she believed that it would be better because of the fresh air, flowers, and windows. The woman’s husband (John) finally convinced her to stay upstairs…

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