The Yellow Wall Paper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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It was crazy to live in the 1800s, but even crazier to believe you were lower than males. These thoughts did not only come from the society but also your closest companion, your husband. What book or person says men are more superior than women? Well, there are many of course. Women have mental illnesses, are less important, and they do not matter… In the past, males held more power, have had way more legal rights, and were respected way more than females. “The Yellow Wall-paper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a story that demonstrates social criticism through a woman and wallpaper that symbolizes the ill woman. Gilman promotes a story and illustrates a woman who is trying to find equal opportunity in society. The reason for mental illness is not the body, but how free an individual is.
All women should be concerned with political inequality and social injustice, and most importantly, women 's roles and their unequal status in their foundation of marriage. In “The Yellow Wall-paper,” the narrator shows and proves that being a stay at home wife leads to depression and mental illness. She describes her home as “haunted” and that “something queer” is what lead to her mental illness. Her husband, John, is a physician who disparages her thoughts, concerns, and her illness. The author is an imaginative person and her husband is practical. She believes that her sickness comes from the home, her husband, and her restrictions.
“You see he does not believe I am sick!,” says the…

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