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The Yellow Room
The yellow room rested peacefully at the end of the hall. Yellow had been my cousin’s favorite color. Nerla’s favorite color. The twins, Ellery and Nerla’s older brothers, told me she loved the sun so much, she wanted to live in it. That 's where her fascination with wanting to be an astronaut stemmed from, in hopes that one day, just one day she 'd be able to live inside the sun. She used to carry it on her back wherever she went, beam rays of light onto the petals of flowers and onto people 's faces, the twins always used to say. My aunt attested to that as well. My uncle just didn 't ever want to talk about it.
We didn 't go in her room after her death. It wasn 't that it hadn 't been allowed, we just knew not to. Somehow we all just wanted to leave that part of her untouched and still 'her '. I was always rather too young to know the specifics about these things but clued in enough not to ever ask. The room stayed there. Silent, brooding, haunting. I wanted to see so badly what lay beyond its golden exterior, what lay beyond that threshold. Days, for days Ellery and I would just sit at the end of the hall, staring for hours at that door. One day we decided to take the initiative. I placed a hand on the knob, letting myself in, Ellery closing the door behind us. Everything had been as it was. No one had been here in five years, at the least. I inhaled the air, it 's scent reminiscent of how, I assumed, what she smelled like.
Something like the earth after…

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