The Yellow Birds By The Red Birds Essay

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The Yellow Birds certainly put things in perspective regarding war and gunfights even though it is a fictional book. It surely gives it credibility that Kevin Powers went to Iraq when he was enlisted so the firefights that were included may have been based off his experience. The thoughts of Bartle and Murph during the firefights gave the impression of what actual people might think during those adrenaline filled and horrifying moments. It allowed readers to relate to the thoughts of Bartle and Murph because they are the age of the audience and still show resistance to killing others. In that way, it also allows the audience to face the same realities as the main characters of The Yellow Birds. Before the realities are broken down two questions must be answered, “Who is the audience?” and “What is implied by the spoiled cities in America?”. The targeted audience are teens and young adults. More specifically, American teen and young adults due to the war in Iraq and how Bartle and Murph joined at a young age like many Americans. The “spoiled cities of America” refers to multiple facets of American wealth, privileges and opportunities. America’s typical city has a substantial head start on any other typical city in the Middle East that are mentioned in the book. America’s wealth pretty much guarantees that Americans themselves have a head start with free education, abundance of food and advanced healthcare. Being lucky enough to be born in the first world with all these…

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