The Year Of The Semester Essays

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While he never started repeating complex words, he still was able to move from sounds to small words.
• Says several words
In the beginning of the semester around September Teddy was not saying a whole lot in the classroom. While he was making noises he was not saying much. However around 10/10, Teddy started repeating “What is this” and “What is that” over and over again for the next week of two. From then on he would use words like “Wow” and “Ow” regularly. On 10/20 Teddy the used the word ‘Hi”, he ran around the loft and would stick his face in between the bars and would say ‘hi’ to JJ.
• Follows one step instructions
In the beginning of the semester Teddy was not able to follow one step instructions. On 10/3 Erica was sitting on the floor with the children and she saw someone’s shoe on the floor, she asked Teddy to go get it and bring it to her. Teddy walked over to the shoe, which was four feet from him, picked it up, looked at it then walked away with it. He started to follow the simple instruction, but since he is still developing this skill he got distracted easily, and was not able to finish the task. However on 10/24, while the kitchen was still being cleaned up from the pumpkin painting activity, Erica opened the gate to pick up JJ, and when she did she also told Teddy to walk over to his seat for lunch. Teddy then walked directly over to his seat and even started to try and get the tray off so he could sit down. Then again at the end of the semester in mid-…

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