The Year Of My Freshman Year Essays

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College is an experience many people look forward to as they complete high school. They look forward to doing things they haven’t before, they look forward to being out on their own all grown up, and most of all they look forward to making lifelong friends. Monica Mishra, a freshman at Harvard said, “The first month of my freshman year was supposed to be the time we met our future lifelong friends and partners, and yet most of us seemed to care a lot more about what was going on back home through their phones than about the person sitting in front of them.”

Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2008, smartphones have become an integrated part of our culture, especially for the younger generation. Anywhere you go, you can see a phone in the hand of a teen. Every year the number of teens with cell phones goes up. In 2004, it was 45% , in 2008 it went up to 71%, and in 2012 it was at 78%. (28) Obviously parents are becoming more okay with the idea of their teens having smartphones. Luke Groskopf, in his article Do Smartphones Affect Students, quotes Angie Blanchard, who originally resisted getting her teens smartphones, when she decided to go ahead with it for “peace of mind” reasons. “When they start going out independently with friends, the phone is important.” He also states that for younger kids, the phones are used primarily as a tool for relaying logistics and quotes Florida Mesa Principal Cindy Smart, who said, “Often, parents are trying to coordinate…

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