The Year Of College At The University Of Oklahoma Essay

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Summer finally ended and Parker started his freshman year of college at The University of Oklahoma. He did not intend on rushing a fraternity, but he decided to rush during the fall semester and signed with Sigma Nu Fraternity. This would play a significant role in his college career, ultimately adding another distraction into the equation, creating more stress in his life. He met many new friends through the new experience and this helped him to become happier, allowing his depression to slowly slip away for a period of time. During the fall semester, he focused more on being active in his fraternity and drinking with his pledge brothers than he did on his academics. This was a significant mistake in his young academic career, his focus on school slowly slipped away from his grasp and being involved in every fraternity activity became utmost important to him. During the first few months of his schooling, he substituted his addiction for alcoholism because nobody in his fraternity agreed with any sort of drug use and drinking was the only other substitute left because it was so widely accepted in his group of friends. At the time, he was unaware that he had traded in his addiction for alcoholism and that it would eventually lead to bad decisions throughout the next few months of his life. His drinking increased as time went on which lead to more sleepless nights and horrific mornings. The hangovers from his drinking gave him a pathetic excuse to sleep in and miss class.…

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