The Year Of A Student 's Academic Career Essay

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Following the introductory first year of college, and before the challenging work of the third and fourth years of a pursued major, lies the second year of a student’s academic career. Often a transitory time between the spotlight of the first year experience and the dedicated and focused scholarship within their degree field, the second year for many students has the potential to prode a slump of uncertainty and diffusion (Gehman, 1955; Graunke & Woosley, 2005; Lemons & Richmond, 1987; Packard, 2004). Since the 1970s, much of the retention efforts put into place by American colleges and universities have focused on the initial year of enrollment by freshmen (Gardner, Tobolowsky, & Hunter; 2010; Nora, Barlow, & Crisp, 2005; Schaller, 2010).
It is in the 1990s and early 2000s that attrition became an issue to colleges and universities, as rates of retention became noticed and published (Kuh, Kinzie, Schuh, & Whitt, 2005). Rising public discontent with the financing of the contemporary higher education led state leaders to recognize the political advantages in giving education reform a prominent place in policy agendas, particularly by linking enhanced education systems with economic development and tax relief (Moller-Wong, Shelley, & Ebbers, 1999). The recession of the 1990s brought many higher education initiatives under scrutiny by legislators raising questions about relevance and effectiveness, while trying to balance budgets (Kuh et al., 2005). Along with state and…

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