Essay about The Year Of 2013 And My Bowling Career

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It is the year of 2013 and my bowling career is starting to kick off. In that year, I bowled in a Saturday morning league that started in the late summer time and ended in early Spring. Approaching towards the last week of League, I received a letter in the mail stating that I have qualified for the Illinois State Bowling Tournament. Ever since I have bowled this league, I have made State every single year, but never performed as well as I should have. Hopefully, this will be the year that I make some scholarship money for my Bowling career when I go to Highland. It was edging toward the last few weeks of the league and now it was time to start making the teams for State. Since I attended Dakota High School, there was no bowling team for me to go to state for so I only go as an individual and I can still join a team with Freeport. There are three separate events at State which is Team, Doubles, and Individuals. We got the team assigned and ready to go. It was me, Kaine, Keaton, Dylan, and Montana. For Doubles, it was me and Dylan and then obviously, myself for Singles. I could already tell this year was going to be a good year for team because we were all very talented bowlers and still are today. We had a really good chance at winning the Team State Tournament. For Doubles, me and Dylan pair up and bowl every year and we keep getting closer and closer. This year was going to be the ultimate year for me. Time flies and it’s already one week away from State in Rockford,…

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