The Year College Can Be Very Beneficial, But College Isn 't Cut Out For Some Students?

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Going to a four-year college can be very beneficial, but sometimes college isn’t cut out for some students. Some students can not focus in a classroom environment. Students that go to college sometimes end up being underemployed or unemployed if they can not find a job in their degree. If they can not find a job in their degree of work then they are stuck with a huge debt to pay. Students in Tamaqua Area High School have an opportunity in 10th grade to go to a Vocational Technical school called Vo-tech. Vo-tech offers classes for students like nursing, carpentry, mechanics, cosmetology, and many more. When you graduate Vo-tech, you graduate with a diploma and a certification of that class you took. In some cases such a beautician, you become a certified beautician and are ready to go to work. Having Vo-Tech in middle school can help students, because it gets the students interested in picking a career, it is a free program, and students can have the experience to easily get a job.
Having Vo-tech in middle school can get students interested in picking a career. If students can make up their mind on what they might want to do in the future, then it may be easier for them. "Studies have shown that if students have a goal or dream, they are more likely to be successful academically," (Lawrence). Also, if students see what a particular career has to offer, they may change their mind on what they want to do. Vo-tech would help open young students mind on what the world ahead of…

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