The Xia Dynasty

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The Xia Dynasty was the first to rule China as the higher power of the time. They were along the Huang He River. They created a way to control the Huang He River. They had no written records and only used oral when they passed on history. This is why we do not know a lot about the Xia Dynasty. They had 15 emperors and a lot of up and downs being the first dynasty. They changed their country into a slave society from a primitive society. Their last emperor was not a good one and used his rights for the bad of the country and eventually the Shang Dynasty over through them with the help of The Xia’s own people. The Shang Dynasty was the next dynasty to take control under the Mandate of Heaven. They left written records unlike the Xia Dynasty. They used a form of hieroglyphics and they used lots of bronze. With these bronze workers they inscribed a lot of their important text on it. The Shang Dynasty fell under the rule of Shang Zhou and like the Xia Dynasty’s they fell to their own people and the Zhou Dynasty and even his own warriors and slaves. It was thought that he had lost the Mandate of Heaven. …show more content…
This is the Western Period of their rule. At first they were strong and unified. They join with some of the stronger clans that surrounded them to form a larger empire. Their Capital was sacked and the king died so they made a decision to move the capital east ward. This caused the last dynastic clan to lose control and another one to inherit it. The next period of the Zhou Dynasty’s rule was the Spring and Autumn Period. During this the emperors became more like figure heads than anything else. This was because the their clan was too small to raise an

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