The X And Y Theory Essay

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• X and Y theory (Procter 2009) – presents two opposing viewpoints on how management can seek to engage with staff on a day to day basis. A summary of this is shown in figure three below. Figure 3 – X and Y theory

4.2 The X model applied
In order to successfully apply the X model there is three groups that need to be in alignment (Blessingwhite 2012). These are Executives, Managers and employees we will discuss each of these in isolation to identify opportunities for improvement that can be used to address staff engagement within Hussmann.
4.2.1 Executives
The corporate and executive groups within the X model have to state a CASE which stands for o Community – Fostering interactions between staff o Authentic – walking the walk, not just talking the talk o Significant – convey the reasoning behind core values o Excitement – generating motivation and forward momentum
As the executives are new to the majority of the staff within the Hussmann offices by virtue of the recent acquisition, the ability to deliver on these four behavioural traits will be key in addressing staff engagement. Steps should be taken to build and foster a sense of community which will combat the current feelings of uncertainty and angst as people are waiting for the next round of redundancies. Establishing and then consistent application of these will go a long way to providing managers with the support to drive initiatives boosting engagement. In addition to this the current organisational…

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