The Wrongfulness Of Euthanasia By J. Gay Williams Essay

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In the essay “The Wrongfulness of Euthanasia” J. Gay-Williams presents an argument that euthanasia is wrong. He argues his opinion from three different perspectives, nature, self-interest, and practical effects. In order to be clear on his perspective regarding the wrongfulness of euthanasia you must first understand his definition of euthanasia. According to Gay-Williams euthanasia is defined as follows:
Euthanasia involves intentionally taking the life of a person suffering from some injury or illness from which recovery cannot be reasonably expected
Gay-Williams makes it clear that euthanasia is not covered under the umbrella a wrongful death as in one associated with a medication error, nor is the decision to withhold medical treatment from a patient who lacks ability to recover medically considered euthanasia.
In his first argument Gay-Williams argues why euthanasia is wrong from a natural perspective, he contends that by nature as human beings we are instinctually prone to gravitate towards survival. It is his opinion that euthanasia violates our natural goal of survival. He states “It (euthanasia) is literally acting against nature because all the processes of nature are bent towards the end of bodily survival”. To support his argument that euthanasia is against nature he cites the instinctual survival patterns of the human body to gravitate towards the continuation of life as a natural goal. In addition to it working against the natural goal of the continuation of…

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