The Wrong Way, Support Of Women 's Rights Essay examples

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Don’t take this article the wrong way, support of women 's rights is a good thing, but there are few that take it beyond what it is. They call themselves feminists, others would consider them as radical feminists. There is a difference between the two, feminism is a belief that man and woman should be equal in society and have equal opportunity in the world; radical feminism is a belief that men have been dominating over women for years and the women should be above the men in the societal structure.
One instance of radical feminism in today’s society is tied to the election. People believe that others should vote for Hillary if they are female, but Bernie Sanders rebutted with the quote, “people should not be voting for candidates based on their gender”. The gist of this is that women are trying to put a woman in office just because they feel they should have the power.
Another example of radical feminism is when the radicals say they should be able to achieve to all military ranks but not have to sign up for the draft. If a woman can be a higher ranking officer than a man without signing up, then why should only men be forced to sign up for the draft and have the possibility of being ripped away from their family.
Women argue over job equality as well, but they only want equality on some jobs. The facts are, constructions is 91% male, fishing hunting and trapping is 99.9% male, logging is 97% male, mining quarrying and oil and gas extractions 87% male. Radical…

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