The Writings Of The New Testament Essay

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The writings of the New Testament have survived thousands of years due to the work of faithful believers and scribes who copied the Christian works that we treasure today. During their day, these people would use a variety of resources as writing surfaces, including wood, bone, broken pottery, and parchment. However, the most important within the New Testament period would be papyrus, a fifteen-foot stalk harvested from the Nile area. These stalks were cleaned, flatten, and cut into strips that were overlapped so their natural glue would bond the pieces together. After the second and third layer was added, the page would roughly be 20x9 inches, and would be glued to numerous other sheets to make a scroll a professional scribe would use for their work. While the scroll was preferred for official documents to be written on, beginning in the late first century another surface called the codex was becoming increasingly used. Instead of gluing them together, papyrus sheets were left as single sheets that were folded in the middle and kept together at the center by stitches, and it eventually became a favorite form of writing among the early Christians. Many copies of the writings of New Testament books circulated during the first few centuries, however they varied on the level of quality within their writings. Many of their errors were introduced by accident, such as the skipping over words and phrases by misreading of the text, or the accidental addition or change of words and…

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