The Writings Of The Bible Essay

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The Bible holds as one of the most important writings of all time. From the days when it was being constructed to the modern 21st century, the Bible is included in most of human life. Interestingly enough, the books within the Bible have been read countless amounts of time with endless analysis and yet we sometimes forget the history behind the writings. Scripture falls nowhere short of a book of power throughout time. Many empires have dominated throughout history by creating a sense of order and rule within mankind. Power plays a major role in the influences man has amongst other men. The most powerful ruling of their time was the Persian Empire and, later to follow, the Roman Empire. Ironically, both dominating forces influenced the interpretation and, even in some cases, the actual writing of the Bible. Interpretation remains as the highest influence within the Bible, even today. Just as the Persians and Romans altered the understanding of the Holy Book, groups as well as individuals shape the perception of God and Jesus to gain acceleration and power behind their beliefs of today’s most pressing issues. From the first print of the Bible to countless versions sold worldwide, the Bible has shaped the perception of the world and anything beyond just by the means of human apprehension. With such interpretations, the influence of the Bible heavily impacts the way to live as a human of God.
While the Persian Empire supplemented the words of the Hebrew Bible, the Roman…

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