The Writings Of Peter As A Scholarly Evaluation Essay

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The research methodology used for this biography on Peter is a scholarly evaluation. While there were many popular sources (pastors or specialist) available on this topic, they often adapted their findings to appeal to a general audience. Additionally, these popular sources mainly offer a quick and sometimes bias overview of the life of Peter rather than an objective and comprehensive academic account. Therefore, popular sources were not used for research in writing this paper. The selected scholarly sources in the bibliography below were evaluated for their objective academic perspective, which was either peer reviewed or considered to be the one of the leading commentaries in its field.
Opening Statement The Apostle Peter (Simon Peter) is known as the “Apostle to the Apostles” by the early Christian Church. Why was he considered with such distinction? Although impetuous in nature, he had learned to submit his life to Jesus through a series of events. Through these events, Peter became one of the boldest, yet most humble leaders of Christianity. Consequently, from Peter’s actions and reactions, which are recorded throughout the New Testament, student and scholar alike can learn from his life of evolving maturity. Therefore, this paper identifies the Apostle Peter’s spiritual transformation from being Simon the fisherman to Peter the disciple and its impact on his apostolic leadership as Christ’s earthly shepherd to all men.
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