The Writing Program Used By The Teacher Comes From Lucy Caulkins

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The writing program used by the teacher comes from Lucy Caulkins. After lunch every day, the class begins their one hour writing block. The block generally begins with a mini-lesson that takes up about 10-15 minutes. These lessons usually involve the teacher modeling for the students different skills and techniques that they will practice in their writer’s notebooks. For the first portion of the year, the class has been mainly working on three different writing skills: how to pick topics to write about, creating small moment stories, and how to develop believable characters. Choosing a topic for a story is one of the toughest aspects of writing. Because of this, we have spent time during writing lessons to focus on methods students can use to aid them in this process. One method the class has used to choose a topic to write about, is by creating an ‘authority list’. This is a list of things that the students feel they are experts at. For instance, they may be an authority on cats, baseball, being in the fourth grade, or having younger siblings. This list is located in the back of the writer’s notebook, and serves to give potential writing ideas to students when they struggle to pick a topic. Another method that the class has develop to pick topics is through drawing a picture of their favorite place in the world. On the picture, they have to locate 3 places where something interesting occurred. For instance, my teacher modeled this practice by drawing her house, then put…

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