The Writing Of The Google Fellowship Essay

751 Words Jan 29th, 2015 4 Pages
Writing is the the most novel technology in human history. Even now in our high-tech evolving world, writing, through journalism and other media, remains a powerful source of innovation, expression, and communication. As an inspiring journalist, opportunities like those offered by this program are not only valuable, but also essential in forming the base of strong writing abilities and in showcasing the power that one person´s writing can hold in shaping our society.
The Google Fellowship would be a rewarding and influential experience for someone like me because it provides me with a unique opportunity to learn and become a leader in the digital transition of journalism. If chosen I hope to build up my portfolio through independent and collaborative projects. I hope to gain valuable mentors in my fellow interns and co-workers as well as to gain a better perspective of my professional abilities and the niche that I can carve out in the world of journalism. I hope to also strengthen my journalistic voice, while exploring how my writing can inform, educate, and inspire those around me.
I believe I possess many of the qualities that the program is looking for in a fellow. Academically, I have focused on print and magazine journalism, but have branched out into visual, online, and radio formats. I have covered neighborhood beats, writing pieces ranging from cultural events to neighborhood redevelopment to social stigmatization, building up sources in the Fenway/Longwood area of…

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