The Writing Of The Constitution Essay

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During the writing of the Constitution, there were a lot of disagreements on a lot of major issues. It was mainly between the north and the south, with their population sizes and on how the government should be ran. Those issues would affect how the President is elected, weather congress should elect, or the American people should elect. Also how the states would each be represented, by the population and if slaves counted towards the population. There was also the compromise on the trading of slaves, which was a big issue for the south. These are not the only compromises for the constitution, and all of them were major enough to have to been discussed at the convention, these are just some of the few that were part of the bigger picture we now know as the Constitution.
The Electoral College was one of the major compromises of the Constitution. With a new government forming of a new country, they had to figure out how to elect a president. Some wanted congress to have full decision making, but others wanted the American people to have full say. The issue with both of those were too little of people having say and then too many playing favorites with their local candidate. To solve that problem they came up with the Electoral College, this was a solution to the issue. So now each state would have representatives who were elected by their people to vote for them, and each state gets so many votes based on the population of their state. Most electors vote for the majority of…

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