The Worst Thing that Happened to Me Essays

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English 11
Hannah Armstrong
August 21, 2012 Waah! Waah! Cried the voice of a beautiful baby boy. On July twenty-second of two-thousand four, Karsten Luke Armstrong was born. As a premature baby, life was hard for Karsten the first month and a half. However he managed, and came home on August fourteenth, two-thousand four. It was the best birthday present I had ever gotten! I thought to myself, "I, Hannah Marie Armstrong was finally going to be the "big" sister"! School had been started back for a while I'll never forget that year. I was in Mrs. Varney's third grade class, and my sister was in middle school. Being a big sister was fun I felt like a whole new person walking the
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That's why Lorie had to park at the bottom. Honestly, I thought my Great Grandmother had passed away. Haley and I looked at each other, this time with fear, and then we darted up my hill. I'd never been so scared in my life! When we reached my house, Isaac (Lorie's Son) was standing on my porch crying. I ran inside, Haley followed me, we stopped, and everyone was in shock to see us there. It felt like I wasn't even welcome to be in my own home. When I looked in the kitchen, I saw my baby brother's babysitter sitting at the kitchen table in a puddle of tears. She said that it was her fault, and that she needed to be thrown in the river. I had no idea what she was talking about. I turned back around and saw that Haley was talking to Dad, and she found out before me what had happened, and then her knees buckled on her and she hit the floor screaming and crying. I am still wondering, what in the world is happening? I saw missing glass from the cabinets all over the floor; where dad had punched it out, Karsten's swing was empty, and everyone was in tears! Finally, it hit me all at once! Everywhere I looked, I didn't see my baby brother anywhere! I dropped my book bag and ran to my mommy. She was sitting in the maroon recliner chair talking to his swing. I thought she was just going crazy or something. She looked at me and hugged me sobbing her eyes out! She could hardly move. She was so weak,

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