Essay on The Worst Day Of My Life

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“Cierra, wake up baby.” My grandma said sadly with her face full of tears. (Grandma). “What’s wrong grandma?” I said as I jumped up. I looked around the room and noticed everyone was crying. I didn’t know what to think at that moment. All I knew was it wasn’t good. I left my grandparents’ room and went towards the kitchen. In the kitchen, my aunties and cousins were there crying too. I began to worry then. All I could think of was where is my granddaddy? I went back to my grandparents’ room and walked over to where he laid. By the time I got to his bed, I fell straight to the ground in tears. I never thought this day would come. It was the worst day of my life. I was so heartbroken. My cousin saw me on the ground and came over to pick me up. I kept fighting him to put me down, but he wouldn’t. He took me downstairs so I could get away from all the pain and crying that was happening upstairs. At being just 6, I took it the hardest than everyone else. I didn’t hold back anything. I paced back and forth downstairs thinking to myself that this couldn’t be real. I didn’t want to believe what I had just seen. “Cierra, are you ok?” a voice said coming downstairs where I was. (Walker). It was my auntie who had come down from Atlanta. “I’ll be alright auntie. I just can’t believe this is happening.” I said as I sat down on the couch. “It’s gone be alright Ms. C. He doesn’t have to suffer anymore.” She said trying to make me feel better, but only to make it worst. (Walker). At this…

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