Essay on The Worldwide Contrast On Gay Rights

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The Worldwide Contrast on Gay Rights
Imagine, a person trying to get married to their closest lover: you see them every day, that is until they are killed for their love. Around the world, gay people have been struggling to live, not having any sort of movement until recent centuries. This movement has started in a couple of countries; however, in comparison countries without a movement have terrible conditions for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual (LGBT) people.
Gay rights have generally been accepted to start in the United States where LGBT people are still working hard for marriage rights. The United States has a deep rooted history when it comes to gay rights: “The Romans ' disapproval of homosexual relationships spread due to the rise of western civilization. Roman culture greatly influenced the western world. Because Romans had begun to prohibit homosexuality, the western world also outlawed same-sex relationships. The attempts of western society to stifle homosexual behavior slowly crept across the world. This created a challenge for homosexual couples desiring to marry that has continued into the twenty-first century” (“Gay Marriage” 3). Although the fear of homosexuals started in Roman culture, it spread to the United States. As these fears and outlaws ran rampant, “In 1969 the gay rights movement took an important turn when police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in New York 's Greenwich Village. Such raids were common, but on this particular evening,…

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