Essay on The World 's Strictest Parents

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“Few families remain at the optimally functional point indefinitely because of the tension that naturally results from developmental or unpredictable stress” (Shelley, p. 2). Moreover, many parents of teenagers are all too familiar with natural occurring dysfunctions within their household. On one episode of, The World’s Strictest Parents, two teenagers-Forrest (17) and Daniel (16), are extremely disrespectful towards their parents and are spiraling out of control. Note, both teenagers regularly party and drink alcohol, Daniel also smokes marijuana. Thus, in hopes of helping Forrest and Daniel, they are sent to Holland, where they will stay with the Van Berkel family.
The British teen-Forrest, is a spoiled only child, who lives between her divorced parents. Every other week, she alternates living with her mom and dad, and takes advantage of their split by manipulating each one to get her way. Moreover, her expensive lifestyle far exceeds her income from a local pet shop.
The Australian teen-Daniel, is the older of two children, both being raised by their single-mom. His dad left when he was only 8 months old, which left Daniel without a father figure, which contributes to his anger issues. Notably, Daniel is very passionate about music and was in a band until his group members decide to kick him out because of excessive partying.
Forrest and Daniel are staying with Jan and Liesbeth Van Berkel, along with their teenagers Amber and Frank. Jan and Liesbeth Van Berkel…

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