The World 's Religion By Houston Smith Essay

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Religion is a very complex subject that many authors enjoy writing about, but some readers find it difficult to comprehend, including myself. Although religion is just considered one specific category there are many different types of religion that can be studied. “The religions we propose to consider belt the world because their histories stretch back thousands of years ago and there are influencing people more today than ever before” (Smith 2). Although the types of religion basically remain the same, some authors approach the way they discuss them in different ways. The World’s Religion, by Houston Smith is unique from some religions books and resources available. Smith, unlike other authors, does not focus much on the history of religions, which is a very common subject in many other religion books. The history of religions would mainly include information such as; names, dates, and social influences. In order to include certain information that the author thinks is really important and not include information that is not as important, the author has to use the technique called selection. Selection is something that everyone eventually uses at some point in their lives, rather it be from selecting which class to take, or in this case the author selecting which specifics of different religious information to include in this book. One thing that really caught my attention while reading this book was this; “The question facing an author is not whether to select…

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