The World 's Population : What Makes Christopaganism Unique? Essay

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Globally, eighty-four percent of the population identifies with a religious group. This equates to approximately 5.8 billion adults and children who are religiously affiliated. So, one point that most of the world’s population can agree on is this: something exists beyond our comprehension. So what is that “something”? Christianity teaches it is the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) while Judaism and Islam teach it is Yahweh and Allah respectively. Paganism however tends to differ. An example would be Wicca which (for the most part) teaches that God has both a masculine and feminine aspect to it. Some traditions teach that the masculine is The Horned God, while the feminine is The Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother and Crone). Regardless of how much time passes, or how learned we as humans become, one thing history has showed us is our inability to accept the unknown and more importantly, each other’s beliefs. Many wars have been fought in the name of one God over another. What makes Christopaganism unique is the adopted stance of a dualistic faith. Each “adherent” is both Christian and Pagan. However, unlike most other religions on earth, Christopaganism never attempts to declare itself as “the only way to God” or the truth while everything else is false. This is mainly due to the acceptance that God reveals itself to us in different ways according to our traditions, ancestral beliefs and even the society we grow up in. So, what is the Christopagan concept of God? I…

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