The World 's Most Powerful Predators Essay

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Free the Whales Orcas, also known as killer whales, are one of the world’s most powerful predators. Killer whales are mammals that can live between fifty to eighty years in the wild. They can grow up to thirty-two feet weighing close to six tons. Killer whales hunt in deadly pods or groups that may consist of forty whales. Each pod is unique from each other and do not have the same techniques or characteristics. Killer whales have a variety of communication sounds that are specific to their pods. One can see their different sounds as different types of languages just like we do with other humans (National Geographic Society). Knowing that whales have these types of characteristics can only lead us to ask if it is right to keep killer whales captive at amusement parks such as Sea World. The justification that SeaWorld has for having these killer whales captive is that they will provide a better way of living for them. Sea World believes that they can provide a better life for them is because they will not have to go through the struggle of finding food. They are fed daily and they have a proper diet in place. However, Sea World forgets that is in their instinct to go hunt and catch their own food versus being fed. Another reason why SeaWorld thinks that these whales should be kept captive is because it will benefit us scientifically. The research that is conducted at Sea World clearly provide us with plenty of information on their way of living, eating, communicating among…

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