The World 's Most Dangerous Predators, The Cheetah, And The Lion

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The area of the African continent south of the Sahara Desert is called Sub-Saharan Africa. Now close your eyes and imagine if you were sitting on a beach chair in the middle of said desert; imagine all of the amazing and unbelievable pictures that will draw upon your eyes. Sub-Saharan Africa is unarguably one of the most beautiful but also one of the most dangerous places in today’s world, home of two of the world 's most dangerous predators, the cheetah, and the lion. Two cats that come from the same species that have very different characteristics such as weight, size, and hunting tactics, but that share the same habitat makes me wonder which animal is more successful in his/her territory.
Let 's compare the characteristics of the Cheetah in contrast to the Lion and observe what we discover. Cheetahs and Lions belong to a specific group of cats dubbed “Felidae”. Felidae consists of 2 subfamilies, Pantherinae (e.g., lions and tigers) and Felinae (e.g., bobcats, pumas, and cheetahs). Unlike other carnivores, felids rely almost exclusively on prey that they have killed themselves (Etnyre, Lande, Mckenna, N.D., Felidae, para 1-2). Which means that these animal hunting skills could be the difference between life or death. An ineffective hunter can starve to death and also may not be well equipped when the time comes to defend itself. To better understand these animals, we have to understand their life cycle from the beginning.
Cheetahs give birth to about 3 cubs at a time.…

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