The World 's Largest Nation Essay

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Russia, the world’s largest nation, has one of the most metamorphic governments in the world. It has gone through so many types of ruling and has been affected greatly throughout the years. Comparing the country 's government from the 1900 's to modern day will have varies of changes. Starting out by being an outsider to turning into one of the world 's major nations. The change from being Monarchy to Communism to modern day Russia and the drastic change in the Economy has affected Russia dramatically.
Monarchy to Communism
Russia had been ruled by a system known as "czarism" about "300 years before the communist era"(Goldman). The monarchical rule had been in place with the first Tsar and founder of the Romanov dynasty, Michael Romanov. Michael was young and was poorly educated, he was not ready to be Tsar. He decided to let his mother and other relatives to take control over governmental affairs. His mother and other relatives seemed to be doing a good job and they restored order in Russia. Starting with Michael and ending with Nikolai II. Nikolai II was the very last Tsar to rule, he inherited the throne when his father died in 1894. Nikolai, as a young teenager did very well in history and foreign languages, but as a ruler he struggled to understand the troubles of politics and economics. This caused him to become a horrible leader and being hated by the people of Russia. Castellanos 2
Although the “Tsar’s proclamation of religious freedom and…

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