The World 's Largest Eyewear Company, Luxottica Essay

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For the final project I have chosen the world 's largest eyewear company, Luxottica. After graduation, I potentially would like to work for Luxottica in their human resources department as a human resources coordinator. This project researches a plan into successfully negotiating my career track at Luxottica, it will examine contextual influences, the communicatory processes, negotiation expectations, and communicatory responses. Early negotiations in careers are vital, the outcome of early negotiation determine the long-term financial well-being, overall career path, and the way employers view you from the very start. Therefore, by analyzing negotiations within Luxottica it will enable me to better understand negotiation context in depth as well as strengthen my negotiation skills for future use.

King, C. L. (2010). Beyond persuasion. Journal of Business Communication, 47(1), 69-78.
This comprehensive journal article reviews and critiques two ideas: (1) business communication as a competitive activity and (2) the concept of Win-Rhetoric versus Listening-Rhetoric. Combing these two ideas, King (2010) articulates the Rhetoric of Negotiation and its usefulness for business communication, “the Rhetoric of Negotiation suggests a way of being in the business community, one in which organizational members approach challenges and each other from a standpoint of dialogue rather than as a fight to be won” (76).
The information from this journal article will be useful for my final…

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