The World 's Fourth Largest Religion Essay

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The focuses on fundamental issues of the three religions and the many ways.The hoped-for result is the acquisition of humility, acknowledging the smallness of the self and the greatness of the divine. You can find many common similarities that influence in all of these religions.h often rare and beautiful, art also functions as a vital part of social systems that cement the bonds of community, as well as supporting the role of religion in transcending human limitations.All three religions display a deeply felt motivation to affect the life of the believer through transformative experience, frequently involving art. As the world’s fourth largest religion with more than 350 million followers, Buddhism’s foundational creeds are non-violence and the development of the qualities of loving kindness , altruistic compassion , and wisdom ). These basic tenets of Buddhism were taught by its founder Shakyamuni Buddha, who himself was an ordinary mortal, born as a prince in 5th century BCE India who attained enlightenment (bodhi) through rigorous meditation and self-transformation.The goal of Buddhist pilgrimage then is to profoundly change the practitioner through the transformative experience, both mental and physical. Art supports the ritual of pilgrimage as the engagement of a journey, the acts of merit-making, charity and alms-giving during the process and beyond, sacred viewing at the site, and construction of memory through ephemera. A third category of relics is consecrated…

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