The World 's First Atomic Bomb Essay

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In World War II, America expanded military tactics and extremity of weapons that would change the world forever. As early as the beginning of the war, brilliant minds such as Albert Einstein advised President Truman on creating a nuclear bomb. (“Nuclear Bomb”) This bomb was meant to be the most powerful weapon ever used in military history. The Manhattan Project was the codename for America 's research in trying to create the world 's first atomic bomb. Once America succeeded in this discovery, two bombs were dropped on Japan to end the war. The exploration of new and more dangerous military weapons like the atomic bomb was justified because it demonstrated the power of the United States, ended the war and utilized the time and money spent on research.

On August 6 1945 the United States exploded an atomic bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki and in result, revealed to the world one of the most dangerous tools ever to be made. The idea was proposed during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt but the decision was made by President Harry Truman. It began in 1939 when a small group of amazingly brilliant scientists in America called to the attention of the government the possibilities of the use of atomic energy for military purposes and warned the Germans were already enacting experiments on this. Some of the most important American scientists on the project included Enrico Fermi, Robert J Oppenheimer, Arthur Compton and Ernest Lawrence. The span of experiments initiated after…

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