The World 's Culture Is Influenced By Many Different Factors Essay

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Culture is influenced by many different factors. Iran is no exception. Iran 's culture is affected by history, past conflicts, and religion. Iran, known as Persia until 1935, has a long and rich history (Iran in perspective, 2008). Early rulers of Iran were known as shahs who determined rules and policies. During the Qajar Dynasty, Shahs were seen as shadows of god and guardians of the flock. They exercised extensive authority over life, honor, and property. The Shah was the sole possessor of the right to give concessions, privileges, and even monopolies; what they granted they could also take away. The Shah would intervene in the economy occasionally: regulating production, prices, buying, selling, and stockpiling food. The shah’s word was considered law provided it did not openly contradict the fundamentals of Islam. (Abrahamian, 1982, p. 48) The Qajar dynasty is important to note due to the fact that it was during this time period that Iran was introduced to the west. (Abrahamian, 1982). Iran did not actively seek influence; western influence was forced on them. Russia, seeking a warm water port, and Britain, wishing to secure trade routes to India, invaded. This, in turn, caused Iran to lose ground to both parties. Russia defeated Iran in two wars which caused Iran to lose control of the Caucasus (Iran in perspective, 2008). Britain, monopolizing on the social discontent with the current Iranian regime and hoping to capitalize on the Russian success, invaded…

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